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Ayaka formerly-to-be-known-as Uesugi's Journal
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Sunday, August 4th, 2002
11:23 pm
A present for a friend.
I want you all to know that I am completely and totally morally opposed to what you are about to read. :(

However, it occured to me the other day that I missed my dear friend Tatsuha's birthday. So I have decided that, instead, I shall give him an end of summer present. :D I am wonderful beyond words. I lose my morals to make a friend happy. =D

I know you will love this. =D Please let me know what you think! =D (After you get out of the bathroom..oh my goodness..I don't have a dirty mind like that thank you kindly)

Nobody else read this please! I mean it! You are not allowed to read this! :DDDD

Happy, beautiful, yet untasteful love situations after walking under the cherry blossoms at moonlight. :D

(That is the title, dear.)

Tatsuha was a man who liked men. He is, what is called, a yaoi man. Not a yaoi loving man, mind you. Just a yaoi man. Simply. He liked one man in particular very much. That man's name was Sakuma-san. Sakuma-san was a brown haired man in a band who carried a stuffed bunny with him wherever he went. That's all you need to know about him.
But wait, you also need to know that right now Tatsuha (who is my friend) is standing across the room from said Sakuma-san. He got there because he is a very special person. And now he is going to engage in the act of mati...intercour...the act of...something. :D

"Sakuma-san, if you let me pull down your pants I will cry sparkly tears of joy for you", Tatsuha says nicely.
Sakuma-san, a man very open to suggestions from cute people like my good friend Tatsuha, shrugs and says, "Okay na no da!"
Tatsuha cries the sparkly tears and pulls down his pants.
He is amazed.
"Wow, Sakuma-san, I'm so impressed! But I must ask you a question...how did you get it?"
"Get what, na no da?"
"Your beautiful pink pubic hair".
Sakuma-san looks down. "Da!", he exclaims. "It's special for you!"
Tatsuha, my very good friend, grins and puts his hands somewhere. "I love you, Sakuma-san. And your hair. I hope it loves me too."
"Yes, yes it does. No da. :P"
My good friend Tatsuha decided that this would be a good time to lie on his back so he could allow the other member of the male species to probe his special place.
And so much probing took place.
Now, both men are making happy sounds.
Lying under a pink blanket in their happy birthday suits, they decide to watch an episode of Pokemon.


I hope you liked it, Tatsuha. :D I hope nobody else read that. :( And I want you again to know that I am strictly opposed to that kind of behavior. :( :(.

Aren't I such a talented writer, though? :D
Thursday, July 18th, 2002
11:01 pm
Free information for you.
It has come to my attention that there exists a very large fanbase for the sexual interaction between one male and another.

I'm sure you all have yet to hear of it, so I shall enlighten the masses. :D (Even when I'm having my own problems, I still break to help my friends. I'm so :D)

Yaoi, pronounced yoh-ee, is a type of comic that girls like to write. It is something that people like to buy. They also like to watch it on their television. Some people even enjoy writing stories involving two boys and sexual interaction.

I will now explicate a typical yaoi scene using Person A (Who is not my friend Tatsuha) and Person B (Who is definitely not my friend Tatsuha's..how shall I put it..object of smitten infatuation? Yes. That sounds appropriate).

In a typical yaoi "fanfiction" (Oh, I forgot. That's a big word. *Story*, based on something already existing.) Person A would drop to his knees and try to pull down person B's pants. He would blush a lot. Person B would laugh or hit him then leave. (Which is NOT to say that this person that would leave is my former fiancee, but I can't blame him, I would leave too if I had a same sex member always "wanting me", instead of me there to do the job.) If he didn't leave, he would eventually drop his pants. Then his..fellatius member would stick out. Person A would cry from happiness. I don't know why, but lots of these girls like what is called "sap". They also like what is called "smut", which is when Person A clamps his frothing mouth around Person B's been previously described, and makes loud moaning noises. Person B would also make noises, and scream a lot. Then they would laugh as they cleaned up the white fluids that had stained the carpet.

This, my friends, is yaoi.

You have been informed.

[OOC: Yes, I do know that that is not the correct pronounciation of yaoi. :D]
Friday, June 28th, 2002
10:55 pm
somebody, rescue me from the horrors of my poor shattered life. ;_;
Hello, everyone.

I'm sure you have missed my presence greatly, just as I have missed sharing my wonderful self with you all.

But I have had more important priorities as of late...even more important than showing myself off. I didn't even think more important priorities existed.

I decided to take my own life in my hands, and so I made some preparations for the future. I first visited the local animal shelter...so that...oh my, this is quite embarrassing...I do end up...how shall I put this nicely...with a bigger stomach...no..sharing my body with a fetus...well, you lovely people get the idea I don't want to talk about it okay thank you. ;_;

As I was saying, if that should be the case, I have picked up papers so I can leave it at the shelter when it is born, and not have to deal with it. Someone will want to adopt it, I'm sure. I mean, it would be part me. I will be quite shocked if there isn't a long line of people waiting.

And last week, I did something very disturbing and grew claws, fur, and ripped up my computer. I then returned to normal, thankfully (And please don't read this. I don't want people knowing about my fur THANK YOU! :P) but my computer had to go into the shop, which is another reason my graceful presence has been MIA.

What if I have rabies?

I should make a doctor's appointment.

Thank you. ;_;
Monday, June 17th, 2002
12:01 am
Mortified. Simply...mortified.
I spent all of this afternoon sobbing to myself.
I am completely mortified. Hiro-kun...he's become distant...and I don't believe he wants to continue being my knight in appropriatly applicable armour.

Last night...I did not make love to Hiro-kun.


Since Hiro-kun was to visit, daddy went out and bought some of the finest sake, which was much richer with alcohol than any of us thought. I drank a little bit..but apparently...

that was enough.

(OOC: Pause to hear the collapsed, crying, whiny anime girl weep)

But Hiro-kun...my Hiro-kun...who yes, for the time being, is still mine, thank you...saw me in a most horrid situation.

Some sort of animal. It was an animal, oh, I'm HORRIFIED! No wonder I have red gashes all over my private area. I had just thought them to be a byproduct of losing your purity. But...

I am so very ashamed of myself. How this could have happened...I still don't know...

But my stomach has been quite bothersome all day. What if...oh goodness..I find myself to be pregnant?

I don't want furry babies. Thank you kindly. =(
Sunday, June 16th, 2002
6:45 pm
We're going out on a date tonight. =D A date with Hiro-kun, in this beautiful city of Kyoto. Don't you all wish you could be me? It must be quite painful...to *not* be me.

I'd never really thought about that before. How sad.

Anyway, I'm off to the closet for a few hours to pick out a fancy kimono.

I shall follow up later. =DDD Thank you!
5:52 pm
Wonderful weekend.
This weekend, I got the pleasure of having my dashing Hiro-kun come up to stay with me. He bought me a present, an incredibly beautiful and thoughtful gift...a beauty and the beast music box..isn't he the sweetest?

It's sitting on my little table, right next to a few pictures of me.

It's been nice, because we've had quite a lot of time to talk. But also...

PRIVATE! Please do not read, thank you very much!!!!


Don't read this, please!

Last night, Hiro and I made wonderful, majestic love all night long in the garden, after daddy went to sleep. It was so beautiful and romantic. I am now an impure woman. *giggle*.

However, being that we were in the garden, it was quite a bit uncomfortable, at some points. Stones. Grass and such, too.

Since we had never seen eachother in birthday attire but only talked on the phone up to this point, I was a bit confused at first, I'm embarrassed to say. (Well, it's not like anyone is reading this.) I thought that the male erectoral unit was shaped a bit differently. And wasn't it supposed to extend from the rectum?

I guess not.


Wednesday, June 5th, 2002
9:59 pm
Some things need to be made clear, here.
I would just like to reiterate that Hiro-kun is *my* boyfriend. I do not care if you are in a band with him, or whatnot. I am fully aware that he is very good looking. But keep your mittens off, kindly please.

He's *mine*.

I would also like to apologize for making not such good use of this journal. Here in Kyoto computer access is hard to come by. I'm terribly sorry I've missed some of your posts. I'm sure you all miss me a lot, as well.

Can't be helped, when you're me.

Tuesday, June 4th, 2002
12:26 pm
Hello, everyone.
Since Hiro-kun has one of these journals, I decided I'd best get one too, so he and all my friends who love me may read about all the happenings in my life whenever they please.
Before I proceed to add all of you to my friends list, I would like to point out that my Hiro-kun is very cute when he says obscene things on the phone at one in the morning.
Just remember kindly now, he isn't yours, he's mine. =D
Thank you!
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