Ayaka formerly-to-be-known-as Uesugi (ayaka) wrote,
Ayaka formerly-to-be-known-as Uesugi

somebody, rescue me from the horrors of my poor shattered life. ;_;

Hello, everyone.

I'm sure you have missed my presence greatly, just as I have missed sharing my wonderful self with you all.

But I have had more important priorities as of late...even more important than showing myself off. I didn't even think more important priorities existed.

I decided to take my own life in my hands, and so I made some preparations for the future. I first visited the local animal shelter...so that...oh my, this is quite embarrassing...I do end up...how shall I put this nicely...with a bigger stomach...no..sharing my body with a fetus...well, you lovely people get the idea I don't want to talk about it okay thank you. ;_;

As I was saying, if that should be the case, I have picked up papers so I can leave it at the shelter when it is born, and not have to deal with it. Someone will want to adopt it, I'm sure. I mean, it would be part me. I will be quite shocked if there isn't a long line of people waiting.

And last week, I did something very disturbing and grew claws, fur, and ripped up my computer. I then returned to normal, thankfully (And please don't read this. I don't want people knowing about my fur THANK YOU! :P) but my computer had to go into the shop, which is another reason my graceful presence has been MIA.

What if I have rabies?

I should make a doctor's appointment.

Thank you. ;_;
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