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Ayaka formerly-to-be-known-as Uesugi

Free information for you.

It has come to my attention that there exists a very large fanbase for the sexual interaction between one male and another.

I'm sure you all have yet to hear of it, so I shall enlighten the masses. :D (Even when I'm having my own problems, I still break to help my friends. I'm so :D)

Yaoi, pronounced yoh-ee, is a type of comic that girls like to write. It is something that people like to buy. They also like to watch it on their television. Some people even enjoy writing stories involving two boys and sexual interaction.

I will now explicate a typical yaoi scene using Person A (Who is not my friend Tatsuha) and Person B (Who is definitely not my friend Tatsuha's..how shall I put it..object of smitten infatuation? Yes. That sounds appropriate).

In a typical yaoi "fanfiction" (Oh, I forgot. That's a big word. *Story*, based on something already existing.) Person A would drop to his knees and try to pull down person B's pants. He would blush a lot. Person B would laugh or hit him then leave. (Which is NOT to say that this person that would leave is my former fiancee, but I can't blame him, I would leave too if I had a same sex member always "wanting me", instead of me there to do the job.) If he didn't leave, he would eventually drop his pants. Then his..fellatius member would stick out. Person A would cry from happiness. I don't know why, but lots of these girls like what is called "sap". They also like what is called "smut", which is when Person A clamps his frothing mouth around Person B's been previously described, and makes loud moaning noises. Person B would also make noises, and scream a lot. Then they would laugh as they cleaned up the white fluids that had stained the carpet.

This, my friends, is yaoi.

You have been informed.

[OOC: Yes, I do know that that is not the correct pronounciation of yaoi. :D]
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