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Ayaka formerly-to-be-known-as Uesugi

A present for a friend.

I want you all to know that I am completely and totally morally opposed to what you are about to read. :(

However, it occured to me the other day that I missed my dear friend Tatsuha's birthday. So I have decided that, instead, I shall give him an end of summer present. :D I am wonderful beyond words. I lose my morals to make a friend happy. =D

I know you will love this. =D Please let me know what you think! =D (After you get out of the bathroom..oh my goodness..I don't have a dirty mind like that thank you kindly)

Nobody else read this please! I mean it! You are not allowed to read this! :DDDD

Happy, beautiful, yet untasteful love situations after walking under the cherry blossoms at moonlight. :D

(That is the title, dear.)

Tatsuha was a man who liked men. He is, what is called, a yaoi man. Not a yaoi loving man, mind you. Just a yaoi man. Simply. He liked one man in particular very much. That man's name was Sakuma-san. Sakuma-san was a brown haired man in a band who carried a stuffed bunny with him wherever he went. That's all you need to know about him.
But wait, you also need to know that right now Tatsuha (who is my friend) is standing across the room from said Sakuma-san. He got there because he is a very special person. And now he is going to engage in the act of mati...intercour...the act of...something. :D

"Sakuma-san, if you let me pull down your pants I will cry sparkly tears of joy for you", Tatsuha says nicely.
Sakuma-san, a man very open to suggestions from cute people like my good friend Tatsuha, shrugs and says, "Okay na no da!"
Tatsuha cries the sparkly tears and pulls down his pants.
He is amazed.
"Wow, Sakuma-san, I'm so impressed! But I must ask you a question...how did you get it?"
"Get what, na no da?"
"Your beautiful pink pubic hair".
Sakuma-san looks down. "Da!", he exclaims. "It's special for you!"
Tatsuha, my very good friend, grins and puts his hands somewhere. "I love you, Sakuma-san. And your hair. I hope it loves me too."
"Yes, yes it does. No da. :P"
My good friend Tatsuha decided that this would be a good time to lie on his back so he could allow the other member of the male species to probe his special place.
And so much probing took place.
Now, both men are making happy sounds.
Lying under a pink blanket in their happy birthday suits, they decide to watch an episode of Pokemon.


I hope you liked it, Tatsuha. :D I hope nobody else read that. :( And I want you again to know that I am strictly opposed to that kind of behavior. :( :(.

Aren't I such a talented writer, though? :D
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